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The description of district, service and services for visitors.

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The description of service and services for visitors. Videoclips.

Сельская усадьба Долгое. Сельский туризм. Беларусь

Dear madams and sirs!

We invite you to unforgettable and pleasant rest on coast of the deepest lake of Belarus. We shall provide you with good service and care. Our one and a half - the two-storeyed rural house is on coast of lake "LONG" with a beautiful kind from a window on lake. Around silence. In the house is available three separate, with an output on a ladder in a court yard, years rooms on the second floor with a folding sofa in a room, little tables and armchairs. One all-the-year-round room on a ground floor with two sofas, a table and the TV, is used also as table or banquet in the summer. In the house there is own plumbing and sanitary. A toilet with a washstand on a ground floor. Two number of a dry pure toilet near to the house. On coast of lake the original table from a stone, and also a place for preparation of shish kebabs and carrying out of cheerful rest. Alive music with national songs under an accordion executed by owner Vasily Vladimirovichem. Hospitable mistress Elena Denisovna offers ecologically pure feed (pair milk, house sausages, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheeses, dainties and many other things), house Belarus national kitchen and the firm dishes. Tasting of unique national drinks. Nearby there is a spring with curative water.
Multichannel satellite TV. Excursion on ancient панскую manor - reserve on coast of lake Long and on the big lake Sho. Excursion in " the Center of the Europe ". In a wood there are mushrooms and berries. There are two wooden boats for fishing and walks. For fans of Diving, on depth, it is possible to see the equal, greater platforms paved by a cobble-stone still more many interesting. Excursion on the Birthplace of the Soviet tank armies and the first fight of the Soviet tankmen. There is phone and a parking lot of the car. Good zone GSM, Velcom, MTC communications. On the site allocated by the mistress, about lake, it is possible to establish tent. There are we in the middle between cities Deep and Polotsk (48 km). Transport up to station - 10 minutes. On foot up to a bus stop of 10 minutes. Details look on = 152 = photos of district and premises of manor.
Opposite to the house on coast of lake is available:
1. Metal quay for bathing and with a ladder from water.
2. A long metal springboard for diving in water. Height of 2 meters from a surface of water.
3. Separate metal quay in shoaliness.
4. Wooden four-seater boats for walks and fishings.
5. Besedka. A place with a mangal and a place for a fire.
The favorable season lasts from April, 15th till October, 15th.
On all questions interesting you, and also about terms of accommodation on rest, we shall answer by phone.
The owner of manor: Vasily Vladimirovich (has music education).
Our address:
Belarus. Vitebsk region. Glubokoe district. Chilly Village. Ul. Proshkovskaya, house 12.
- 8 (02156) 27191 (local, intercity),
- ... (+375) (2156) 27191 (international, call Belarus),
- ... (+375) (29) 2130990 (MTS), (WhatsApp, Viber), Vasily Vladimirovich (Vasya) Administrator.
- ... (+375) (29) 9748144 (WhatsApp, Viber) Service.
- ... (+375) (29) 2428897 (MTS), (WhatsApp, Viber), Elena Denisovna (Lenochka) Receiving applications for rest.
Call by phone preferably from 7.00 to 10.00 in the morning or from 19.00 to 22.00 in the evening.
Skype: vasjatv
Have a great holiday.
We are waiting for your visit.
Elena Denisovna.
1. Cost of living:
- 12 USD per person per day (without food); June July August.
- 10 USD per person per day (without food); September - May.
Meals: the cost and conditions are negotiable.
In addition at the price: the prices depend on the number of agrotourists and the time of stay in the estate.
2. Accommodation in the Rural estate refers to private rural ecotourism.

Offer for businessmen, investors:
We have ideas and the opportunity, together with you,
increase the area for the development of local tourism.
LONG, the deepest (53,7 m) lake in Belarus, in area Glubokskom, in pool Shoshi, at village Long (Zjabki a facilities). The area 2,6 km2. Length of 6 km, the maximal width of 0,7 km, average depth of 16,6 m, length of a coastal line of 14,9 km. A reservoir 30,4 km2. Stocks of water – 43 million tons.a hollow deeply (on 70 - 80 m) in thickness adjournment. Slopes in height up to 25 - 30 m, in northwest and a southeast up to 10 , Abrupt, are mainly covered with a bush, on separate sites a wood. Coast sandy and, basically coincide with slopes, in northwest and a southeast low, under a bush. Underwater slopes of a hollow very abrupt, a zone of shoaliness narrow (width 5 - 10 m).In the central part of lake on a long axis some the deep hollows divided by raisings. A bottom at coast sandy and -, sites along east and western coast. Sand up to depth 10 - 15 m, are deeper - and clay, in gulfs sapropel. Grows poorly. Width of a coastal strip of vegetation up to 25 m, Places is absent. In the north and northwest streams from lakes Svjadovo and run, the stream in lake Sho in the south follows. Richly a fish, there live beavers,a relict of a glacial age. In 1978 here it is created , including lake Long together with adjoining 3500 In hectares wood ga, meadows. To the West from village Long an archeologic monument - a burial ground.
12-16 thousand years ago on this ground between two heights has got stuck a glacier, started to thaw and in its internal crack falls waters have fallen. She also has worked above imagination depths of present lake Long – up to 53,7 meters. And it at the maximal width is a little more than 700 meters. For comparison: maximal depth Нарочи - 24,8 m at width of 9,8 km. And in fact it is possible to recollect still, that average depth of Baltic sea up to 100 meters... And a bottom of lake not so equal. Depths are suddenly replaced by fantastic raisings, underwater "mountains" as their local residents name. Abrupt slopes become overgrown with a wood tower on 20-30 meters above water.We have risen on one of them – centuries-old work of a glacier as on a palm. There were also alive witnesses of old times – relic and a fish, characteristic which places of dwelling – northern lakes of Karelia, and in Belarus she was kept practically only in this lake. Speak, it is transparent on light and smells as a cucumber. To tell the truth, to catch it it is possible for some reason only during cleaning a potato.

PSUJA lake in area Glubokskom, in pool Shoshi, at village Psuja. The area 0,65 m2. Length of 2,28 km, the maximal width of 0,5 km, the maximal depth of 10,5 m, average of 4,3 m. A reservoir of 3,6 m2. Slopes of a hollow in height up to 12 m, are ploughed mainly up. Coast and . To a box it is covered by sapropel, in a shallow zone sandy. The width of a strip of vegetation does not exceed 25 m, finds a southern gulf more. The stream in lake Long follows. In village Psuja an archeologic monument - a site of ancient settlement of 6 centuries B.C. - 4 centuries of our era.

REPUBLIC OF BELARUS - NEWS OF THE WEEK. President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.
(Press Service of the President of the Republic of Belarus).

PHOTOS of lake and vicinity rural houses-hotels " LONG ".

Glubokoe Regional Executive Committee. The first record of Glubokoye goes back to 1514. The town owes its name to Lake Glubokoye located in it. According to geographers, the Glubokoye region near Lake Sho is the geographical center of Europe.

The Vitebsk region, one of the six administrative regions (or oblasts) which make up Belarus, is located in the north-east of the country.

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